League Fixtures Monday 27th & Tuesday 28th February

Whitby Monday League Fixtures
Monday 27th February
Home Team Versus Away Team Kick-off
Gerry Hat Tricks V Carlsberg FC 7:00pm
Quinn Glass V Asda B 7.30pm
FC Harvester V Asda A 8:00pm
E,Port Blooters V Bayern Neverlusen 8.30pm
Rigger FC V Sports Direct Elite 9:00pm
Whitby Tuesday League Fixtures
Tuesday 28th February
Home Team Versus Away Team Kick-off
No Name FC V The Farm 7:30pm
Expected Toulouse V NO GAME TONIGHT
Carslberg FC V Blue Lacoste’s 8:00pm
Samba V Scouting 4 Goals 8.30pm
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