Terrible Tuesday 16th

Terrible Tuesday!

We would like to remind all team captains and team players that you are meant to be playing in a football league. Too many teams have neglected the seriousness of our league and think it’s just a ‘turn up if you feel like’ league. Well its not! Last week (16th) was a disgrace! As a result of their poor attendance we have removed Real Clearance from the league. We have other teams that are not stepping up to their duties too and we will be speaking to them over this.

Please check your fixtures and organise your team!

As always, we are here if you need any help or if you can’t make it. It’s unfair for the teams that are organised, who turn up every week and look forward to their match when other teams just don’t bother to show!

Now we have lost Real Clearance from the league, we are looking for your input on how we go forward from here with your league fixtures. Do we remove the teams from the league completely, which will reschedule all the remaining fixtures or do we leave them in the league and award 5-0 wins to the teams that are playing them? We would like to hear from all team captains with their preference on how best to go forward. Please email us at [email protected] with your votes. We will decide when we hear from you all.



Email us on [email protected]


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