Match report Monday 15th August


I must remind all team captains and team players that you are responsible for taking out personal injury or accident insurance. Whitby League does not insure players or teams against accident or injury as stated in the terms and conditions when joining the league.

Match report Monday 15th August

No Opponent v Asda B’s

No Opponent so Asda B’s get a 5 – 0 win.


Nothing Toulouse v Wilko Wanderers

A great game with both sides battling it out for the win. Real end to end stuff from both team. Half time score Nothing 2 Wilko’s 4. Second half was more of the same with both sides playing well and looking like either team could take the win at any time. Final Score Nothing Toulouse 6 Wilko wanderers 6. Man of the Match Sean Parker.


Bayern Neverlusen v Whitby Wizzards

Really good game between two good sides. All our teams have shown great improvement from the initial games. But this game showed just how much determination plays a part. Half time score Bayern 3 Wizzards 4. Second half seen Wizzards step it up a gear and Bayern made some tactical changes to try and contain that. But in the end the pressure from Wizzards won through. Final score Bayern Neverlusen 5 Whitby Wizzards 9. Man of the Match Joe Davies.


Asda A’s v Iceland FC

This game was a scorcher, with both teams looking at climbing the table and Iceland were looking to get back to their winning ways. But Asda had different ideas. Half time score Asda 4 Iceland 3. Second half was just as good with both teams playing really good football and the skill levels of the teams were really good. Both teams were looking for that goal that would win them the match. With Iceland playing like a team possessed. Final Score Asda A’s 8 Iceland FC 8.Man of the Match Connor Parker.


Whitby Warriors v Sports Direct

A really good game with both sides needing the win. But Warriors came out like a team possessed. Fired up and looking for goals, while Sports Direct played a stylish game but seemed a little overwhelmed by Warriors determination. Half time score Warriors 6 Sports Direct 3. Second half was a real goal fest as well, with both team playing great and the action in front of goal was brilliant. Eventually Warriors seemed to find the weakness of Sports Direct and exploited it. Final Score Whitby Warriors 12 Sports Direct Elite 6. Man of the Match Mike Bridges.

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