Match Reports for Tuesday 28th June

Match report Tuesday 28th June

Notice to all teams:

Please make sure you sort you team out well in advance of your games. If you are having problems, talk to us so we can let the other team know. We are committed to running a decent league and making sure we have committed teams.

Thanks to everyone who turned up on time, please keep it up, if you are struggling to get your team or if you are going to miss a match.


TBFE FC v BOCA Seniors

A great game and real skill shown on the pitch. It all started evenly with TBFE showing some promising skill and tactics. While BOCA had a real thirst for goals and great team communication. Half time score TBFE 2 BOCA 4. Second half was more of the same, TBFE looked like making a comeback but BOCA had other ideas. BOCA seemed well drilled and played some great football and TBFE played really well but just couldn’t find the back of the net. Final Score TBFE FC 4 BOCA Seniors 7. Man of the Match Paul Mather.


KFC FC v Sainsbury’s Cheshire Oaks

KFC have shown vast improvement week after week. This week was a real test for them playing the league leaders. Right from the kick off this game was going to be a real battle. KFC were no push over’s showing some real skill on the ball and their striking was great. Sainsbury’s kept their cool and as always played their game plan. Which as always was great teamwork and a balanced striking and defensive game. Half time score KFC 2 Sainsbury’s 4. Second half was even better than the first, KFC seemed to find the weakness in the Sainsbury’s game and exploit it. But Sainsbury’s skill and determination held the scores level in the second half. Full time score KFC FC 4 Sainsbury’s 6. Man of the Match Scott Cooper.


EL FC v No Name FC

EL failed to get a team together again. We are awaiting confirmation if they are going to rejoin the league. It is very important to us that we keep the league running smoothly. So we can only apologise to No Name and we will keep you all informed of the outcome.

Scouting for Goals V ABCDE FC

A real goal fest this turned out to be! Scouting seemed to be hungry for the win, but ABCDE played some fantastic football. While Scouting seemed comfortable on the ball ABCDE were deadly in front of goal. Half time score Scouting 1 ABCDE 5. Second half seen Scouting step up a gear and score some great goals but ABCDE were well in to their stride and continued the bombardment on the scouting goal. A great game for the spectator. Final score Scouting for goals 5 ABCDE FC 12. Man of the match Sean McComb.


Halfords FC v Real Clearance FC

Again this game was a testament to the improvement in the teams in the Tuesday League. Both teams came out fired up for the win. Halfords  played great football showing some real skill and commitment. Real seemed unfazed and went about their business showing some real grit and skill on the ball. Half time score Halfords 5 Real 2. Second half was far more balanced, Real found their form and scored some great goals. Halfords were no push over though and held their cool. Halfords played a well balanced game both offensively and defensively. Final score Halfords FC 9 Real Clearance 6. Man of the Match Ryan Lyonette.


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