Match Reports for Tuesday14th June

Match report Tuesday 14th June

Notice to all teams:

We have noticed that some teams are a little un-organised.

So here are a few tips:

1. Turn up early at least 15mins before your game.
2. Make sure you have your money collected before kick off
3. Any problems speak to the Referee early or call us.

Thanks to everyone for turning up on time, please keep it up, if you are struggling to get your team or if you are going to miss a match.



A great game with some real skilful players. This game had battle written all over it and it didn’t disappoint. I must mention a special thank you to Jamie Edwards from E/Port Elite who stood in for ABCDE FC who were a man down. Jamie had a great game and ABCDE appreciated it. Half time score ABCDE 4 BOCA 2. Second half seen both teams really go for it and there was goals a plenty. ABCDE scored some great goals, but BOCA are a real one to watch. Final score ABCDE FC 9 BOCA Seniors 7. Man of the Match Tom Rowlands.


Scouting for Goals V Tesco Sealand

Apologies to Scouting as Tesco never turned up and didn’t let us know. We have now removed Tesco from the league as we can’t have any one team ruining the league for the rest. Please if you are struggling or cant make it let us know or you could be removed from the league. Scouting get a 5 – 0 win for this game


Ellesmere Port Elite V EL FC

E/Port started the game a man down after helping ABCDE out earlier on in the night. But that didn’t stop EL FC they came out and were looking for goals. EL played some great football and really took advantage of the extra man. Half Time E/Port 1 EL FC 7. Second half Sam & Dayne from BOCA stepped in to even up the numbers and that extra man meant EL had to change their game plan. But still EL played really well, but the extra help gave E/Port the confidence they needed to match EL goal for goal in the second half. Only for the sub-standard goalkeeping from the old and unfit E/Port goalkeeper (Me) this could of been a lot closer. Final Score E/Port Elite FC 6 EL FC 11. Man of the Match Tom Duffy.

KFC United V No Name FC

A great game with both teams equally matched and going for goal. But the real game here was defence. Both teams were cancelling each other out on the break. Half time score KFC 2 No Name 3. Second half saw some real determination and some great efforts on goal. But No Names strikers seemed to find the net easier than KFC. But both teams played some great football. Final Score KFC United 5 No Name FC 8. Man of the Match Danny Roberts.


TBFE FC V Halfords FC

What a game, TBFE’s first game of the season and they showed their skill and teamwork. Halfords were well on form and never made it easy for TBFE. Half time score TBFE 4 Halfords 1. Second half seen Halfords really pick up the pace and show off their talents and striking with some really good goals. TBFE weren’t giving in and carried on bombarding the goal with some great strikes. Final Score TBFE FC 6 Halfords FC 6. Man of the Match Ste Gresty.

Real Clearance FC V Sainsbury Cheshire Oaks

A good game to finish off the night. Sainsbury’s came out hunting for goals and wanting the win to take top spot in the league. Real were much improved from last week and showed real determination and effort. But Sainsbury’s were on form and scoring from all angles. Half time score Real 1 Sainsbury’s 8. Second half seen Real settle into their stride, but Sainsbury’s were not letting up on the attack. Real scored a great goal and an even better celebration from Ben and his silver thong. But that didn’t deter Sainsbury’s who just carried on the attack. Final Score Real Clearance FC 4 Sainsbury’s C/O 17. Man of the Match Ali Graham.


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