Match Reports for Monday 13th June

Match report Monday 13th June

I just wanted to thank everyone for being so well organised for our Monday League night. Having your money ready and turning up early for your game really helps.

Bayern Neverlusen V Gillies Willies

Bayern turned up with real enthusiasm to play, while Gillies after a week without playing were caught cold. Half time score Bayern 7 Gillies 0. Second half seen Gillies pick up the pace and put in a real effort. Bayern however were on a real mission for goals, there was an outstanding diving header scored by Dave Dimitri which the ref said had to be mentioned. Final Score Bayern Neverlusen 16 Gillies Willies 2. Man of the Match Dave Dimitri.


Wilko Wanderers V Asda B’s

A real goal-athon this one with the league leaders Asda B’s showing off their talents. Wilko’s played really good football but just couldn’t beat Asda’s keeper. Half time score Wilko’s 0 Asda B’s 7. Second half was more of the same and whilst Wilko’s put up a great effort they failed to find the net. Asda B’s cemented their first place position by extending their goal tally. Final score Wilko Wanderers 0 Asda B’s 19. Man of the Match Craig Downes.


Nothing Toulouse V Asda A’s

This game looked like it was going to be a real battle. But for some reason Nothing Toulouse just weren’t on form. Asda seemed to be everywhere and finding the net all to easily, whilst Toulouse struggled to beat the Asda keeper. Half time score Nothing 0 Asda 6. Second half was like a carbon copy of the first. Asda kept their cool and held on to their lead then increased it. Toulouse were attacking from all angles but just couldn’t find the net. Full time score Nothing Toulouse 0 Asda A’s 12. Man of the Match Ste Griffith.


Iceland FC V Whitby Warriors

This was a fantastic game and real end to end stuff. Iceland came out all guns blazing and caught warriors off guard. But neither team were willing to back down. Half time score Iceland 5 Warriors 3. Second half was just a flurry of skill, pin point passing and some great goals. Very well fought match and unlucky for the losers as they played great. Iceland FC 8 Whitby Warriors 9. Man of the Match Phil Quilliam.


Whitby Wizzards V Sports Direct Elite

This was a really important game and both teams needed the win to advance up the table. Wizzards started the game with real passion and caught Sports direct off guard. Wizzards seemed to be firing on all cylinders whilst sports direct tried to get in their stride. There was even some special “BALLS” control by Sam of the Wizzards. Take one for the team Sam. Half time score Wizzards 4 Sports Direct 2. Second half seen sports direct give their heads a shake and get back in to the game but unfortunately the confidence of the Wizzards was to high and they went on to score some great goals. Final Score Whitby Wizzards 13 Sports Direct Elite 5. Man of the Match Dayne Grierson.

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