Match report Tuesday 7th June

Match report 7th June

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EL FC v Sainsbury’s Cheshire Oaks

A great kick off to the new Tuesday league. Both teams were up for it! Sainsbury’s showed their skill and experience. While EL FC showed real potential but seemed to lack the fitness. Half time Score EL FC 1 Sainsbury’s 7. Second half took its toll on ELFC, but give it a couple of weeks and they will really come good. Sainsbury’s look like a team to watch and have taken 2nd place in the league. Full time score EL FC 4 Sainsbury’s Cheshire Oaks 13.    Man of the Match Liam Donovan.



A great game with end to end play. KFC played good football but struggled to find the back of the net. ABCDE FC had great team communication and seemed to find the back of the net with each strike. Half time score KFC 0 ABCDE 6. Second half KFC got it together and played well. But ABCDE just held it together and played their game. It was a great game to watch. Full time score KFC United 3 ABCDE FC 12. Man of the Match Jack Pickering.

No Name FC v BOCA Seniors

Both these sides looked intent on winning. No Name FC were straight into the game and BOCA struggled to contain them. Half time score No Name 5 BOCA 0. Second half BOCA really stepped up the pace and both teams fought hard to keep possession. No Name held their nerve and BOCA paid the price. Full time score No Name FC 10 BOCA Seniors 4.  Man of the Match Steve Millington.

Halfords FC v Ellesmere Port Elite FC

What a game! Halfords came out and dominated the game while E/Port struggled to find their stride. But the effort from both teams was outstanding. Half time score Halfords 4 E/Port Elite 2. Second half Halfords were fired up and showed it. With real end to end stuff  E/Port showed their class, skill and striking ability. Full time score Halfords FC 6 E/Port Elite FC 6. Man of the Match Jamie Gibbs.


Scouting for Goals v Real Clearance FC

This was a good game to finish the night. Scouting for goals showed pure teamwork, showing skill and awareness on the ball. Real clearance showed good ball skills but lacked the fitness and substitutes to keep up with the pace of the game. Half time score Scouting for Goals 9 Real Clearance 1. Second half really took it toll on Real, while Scouting went from strength to strength. The result puts them top of the league. Final score Scouting for Goals 18 Real Clearance FC 1. Man of the Match Keith Williamson.

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