Match Reports for Mon 2nd

The opening night of the League was a resounding success. We had great weather all be it a tad chilly. But all the teams seemed to be in good spirit and revelled in the spirit of the game. See individual match news for the team and match write up.

Thanks to everyone who took part the level of play was very good and I can only see it getting better.

Whitby Soccer Centre.

Asda A’s V Bayern Neverlusen.

Our first match kicked off at 6:30 between Asda A’s and Bayern Neverlusen. Bayern lived up to their name in the hard fought match. For the first half Bayern seemed to be running away with the game at 6 – 3. Then Asda A’s pulled up there socks and got stuck in to bring it back in the second half. The final score at full time was Asda A’s 6 and  Bayern Neverlusen 8. The man of the match was Rob Mc for Bayern who had a stunning game and seemed to be everywhere.

Asda B’s V Wilko Wanderers

Asda B’s were well up for the game, while Wilko Wanderers were caught off guard. This game turned out to be a bit one sided at half time as Asda B’s were 9 – 0 up. During the second half Wilko’s put in a valiant effort but couldn’t find the back of the net. The final score ended up 18 – 0 to Asda B’s and the man of the match was Paul Gates.

Gillies Willies V Eport Poppers

Gillies had a walk over as Eport Poppers failed to show giving Gillies a 5 – 0 default win. Hopefully next week we will have a game to see how Gillies Willies showcase their talent.

Whitby Warriors V Whitby Wizzards

This was a hard fought match between rivals. During the first half there was little in it at 3 – 2 to the Wizzards. During the second half fitness started to play a part as well as finishing skill and the game finished Warriors 2 and Wizzards 6. The man of the match was James Aston who played a major role in the win.

Hardly Athletic V Iceland FC

These two teams were both keen to start the season with a win and neither team wanted to conceed defeat. The first half ended 3 – 2 to Iceland FC. The second half was much of the same with both teams playing close contact football with real team spirit. The deciding goal came down to a late penalty for Iceland FC which brought the final score to Hardly Athletic 6 and Iceland FC 7. The man of the match was Conner Parker.

Sports Direct Elite V Asda Q’Ferry

This was the final game of the night and the teams were both keen to get started. Both teams were sure of a win, but at half time there wasn’t a lot in it at 3 – 1 for Sports Direct. During the second half Asda Q’Ferry found thier footing but Sports Direct Elite slowly crept away with great teamwork and excellent ball control. The final score was Sports Direct Elite 11 and Asda Q’Ferry 6. The man of the match was Tom Povey who had a great match.

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