Match Report 9th May

Gillies Willies V Asda A’s

Gillies Willies had their chance to show us what they are made of this week. The first half seen Asda A’s and Gillies hard at it with some good teamwork and individual skill. Ther was nothing in it at half time with Gillies Willies 2 & Asda A’s 3. The second half there was more of the same with some really good football and great goalkeeping. The final score was Gillies Willies 4 Asda A’s 6. The man of the match was Steve Griffith.

Bayern Neverlusen V Asda B’s


This match started very one sided with Asda B’s playing their usual style of play, strong and committed. The teamwork and skill was very evident from both sides, but the finishing was impressive from Asda B’s. Half time score Bayern Neverelusen 0 Asda B’s 5. The second half seen Bayern put up a battle and were threatening a comeback. But the skill on both sides cancelled each other out, which made for great football, but few goals. Final score Bayern Neverlusen 1 Asda B’s 7. The man of the match was Craig Downes.

Nothing Toulouse V  Whitby Wizzards


This was Nothing Toulouse debut match and a well played one at that. Whitby Wizzard played fought hard for every ball and there was little in it at half time. Nothing Toulouse 4 Whitby Wizzards 3. The second half seen some great skill and a lot of hard fought challenges. Both teams played their own game and Nothing Toulouse came out on top. Final Score Nothing Toulouse 6 Whitby Wizzards 4. Man of the match Luke McClure.

Asda QFerry V Whitby Warriors


A good match to watch and plenty of excitement for the spectators. The first half was played with great skill and plenty of good defence for both sides Asda Qferry 1, Whitby Warriors 3 at half time. The second half seen son great strikes from Asda and a few silly let ins by Whitby. The final score was Asda 3 Whitby 9. The man of the match was Chris Hill.



Wilko Wanderers V Hardly Athletic


This was a great match and Wilko Wanderers wanted to right the wrong of last weeks result. They certainly done that with some great teamwork and exceptional goalkeeping. Half time score Wilko Wanderers 2 Hardly Athletic 2. The second half seen Hardly athletic step up the pace and although the game was pretty even Hardly Athletic won over with a few great goals. Final Score Wilko Wanderers 5 Hardly Athletic 7. Man of the Match Mick Davies.


Iceland FC V Sports Direct Elite


Wow what a game! The cage was alive and everyone in it was in great form. The first half was real end to end stuff. Iceland were playing real good football but Sports Direct Elite seemed to be stepping up a gear. Half time score was Iceland FC 4 Sports direct elite 8. Second half seen Sports Direct really take hold of the game and seemed to find the back of the net with every shot. Iceland were let down by some poor goalkeeping. Final Score was Iceland FC 7 Sports Direct Elite 21 ( yes 21 ) Man of the match was Tom Pivey.


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