Match report 30th May

Before you look at your match reports, I would just like to say a few words to all teams.

I just wanted to thank everyone for all their efforts in turning up and making the league as good as it is. We have recently had to remove two teams from the league for poor attendance and honestly ruining the league for all the other teams. We have had to adjust the fixtures slightly, but it will not affect any of your league points etc. It may affect individual player stats but I am working on this.

Thanks to everyone and please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions, suggestions or if you spot a mistake.


Whitby Wizzards V Wilko Wanderers

What a game! End to end stuff right from the kick off. Both teams determined not to lose. Half time score Wizzards 3 Wilko’s 4. Second half was as well played as the first. Wilko’s determined not to add another defeat to there stats and Wizzards wanting to take the three points to move up the table. Final score Whitby Wizzards 8 Wilko wanderers 8. Man of the Match Sean Parker


Nothing Toulouse V Whitby Warriors

Another great game! The fitness and skill level of these teams is increasing with every game. The first half had seen some gritty determined play and neither team willing to surrender. Half time score Toulouse 3 Warriors 2. Second half was a real stalemate and great skill cancelling out each other. Final Score Nothing Toulouse 5 Whitby Warriors 4. Man of the Match Elliott Pryce.


Gillies Willies V Asda A’s

Right from the kick off Asda looked determined to win, but Gillies didn’t want it to be a walk over. They dug in and fought hard. Half time score Gillies 2 Asda 7. Second half is when the fitness kicks in and Asda just seemed to find the net all too easily and Gillies were starting to get frustrated. Final Score Gillies Willies 3 Asda A’s 16. Man of the Match Nathan Eccleston.


Iceland FC v Asda B’s

As usual Asda came out all guns blazing and Iceland found it hard to contain them. Asda showed why they are top of the league. Half time score Iceland 0 Asda B’s 10. The second half was more of the same and a fantastic own goal by Ben Powell put Iceland on the score sheet. Final Score Iceland FC 1 Asda B’s 19. Man of the Match Paul Gates.


Bayern Neverlusen V Sports Direct Elite

These two meet again due to fixture revision. But nobody complained as the game was a real skill fest. Half time score Bayern 2 Sports Direct 4. Second half seen Bayern struggle and Sports Direct show why they are hot on the heels of Asda B’s for the league title. Final score Bayern Neverlusen 2 Sports Direct Elite 10. Man of the Match Ian Rule.

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