Match report 23rd May

Wilko Wanderers v Whitby Warriors

This week Wilko Wanderers needed to break their run of recent defeats and the team were fired up for the game. Unfortunately for Wilko’s so were the Warriors and they were hell bent on staying high on the league table. The first half was well played with the half time score Wilko Wanderers 1 Whitby Warriors 3. The second half seen the Warriors play well and Wilko’s struggled to contain them. Final Score Wilko Wanderers 1 Whitby Warriors 8.


Gillies Willies v Hardly Athletic

This was a well matched game, with Gillies needing a win to climb the table and Hardly needing a win to keep their title hopes on track. Both teams played well and seemed to cancel each other out. Halftime score Gillies Willies 4 Hardly Athletic 4. The second half was more of the same except both teams closed down and played great defensively leaving the final score Gillies Willies 6 Hardly Athletic 6. Man of the Match Nick Mills.

Asda A’s v Asda B’s

A great game between two rivals. There is no love loss between the two teams, but Asda B’s were keen to regain their title spot back from Sports Direct. They went all out first half leaving the halftime score Asda A’s 1 Asda B’s 5. The second half  seen Asda A’s go for it, but Asda B’s showed why they are top of the league this week with a good consistent attack. Final Score Asda A’s 3 Asda B’s 10. Man of the Match Nathan Eccleston.

Iceland FC v Whitby Wizzards

This was a good game and both sides wanted the win. First half seen an equal amount of skill and a late goal. Halftime score Iceland FC 3 Whitby Wizzards 4. Second half was fast paced and well fought for both teams but the Wizzards worked there magic. Final score Iceland FC 4 Whitby Wizzards 7. Man of the Match A.Griffith.


Nothing Toulouse v Asda Q/Ferry

Unfortunately Asda Q/Ferry never turned up for the game. We are trying to sort out what went wrong. This game was awarded to Nothing Toulouse 5 – 0. Please check your fixtures and if there’s a problem call or email us.


Bayern Neverlusen v Sports Direct Elite

Sports Direct needed a convincing win to maintain there top spot and came out all fired up. Unlucky for them so did Bayern who have been playing well in their last couple of games. There was nothing in it at half time, the score was Bayern Neverlusen 2 Sports Direct Elite 3. The second half was one for the spectators and Sports Direct didn’t like the fact they could slide from the top spot so soon and seemed to step up a gear. Bayern responded but just couldn’t stop some of the great goals. Final score Bayern Neverlusen 5 Sports Direct Elite 9. Man of the Match Tom Povey.



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