Match Report 16th May

Asda A’s v Nothing Toulouse

Asda A’s and Nothing Toulouse were both committed to winning this game to advance their places in the league table. At half time it was Asda A’s 2 Nothing Toulouse 2. Only one goal in the second half from Nothing Toulouse separated these two teams. A well fought, well played match and enjoyable to watch. Final Score Asda A’s 4 Nothing Toulouse 5. The Man of the Match was Andy Brookes.

Asda B’s v Gillies Willies

Asda B’s started this game like the league leaders they are. The team worked together and found the back of the net with no trouble. At half time it was Asda B’s 8 Gillies Willies 2. In the second half Gillies fought back and functioned more like a team, but Asda were to pumped up from the first half score to let the game slip and finished the game as they had started. Final score Asda B’s 15 Gillies Willies 6. Man of the Match was Ben Powell.

Whitby Wizzards v Asda Q/Ferry

This game was abandoned as Asda Q/Ferry could not attend. This results in Whitby Wizzards being awarded a 5 – 0 Victory over Asda Q/Ferry.


Hardly Athletic v Bayern Neverlusen

A great game with plenty of excitement! First half seen Bayern steal in front by a single goal. Half time score Hardly Athletic 3 Bayern Neverlusen 4. The second half was a real nail biter with both side realising that a single goal could decide the match. Hardly battled away and played fantastic and Bayern answered everything Hardly threw at them. Real end to end stuff. Final score was Hardly Athletic 9 Bayern Neverlusen 9. Man of the Match Rob McNee.


Whitby Warriors v Iceland FC

A good one for the spectators again with both teams playing great. There was nothing in it at half time as both teams wanted the win. Half time score Whitby Warriors 3 Iceland FC 3.Second half started with both team going for it, but defence was great on both sides. Finally there was a deciding goal. Final Score Whitby Warriors 7 Iceland FC 6. Man of the Match was Andy Warner


Sports Direct Elite v Wilko Wanderers

Sports Direct came out to win and with there eyes on first place in the league they played out of their skins. Wilko’s tried everything to contain Sports Direct but to no avail. Half time score Sports Direct Elite 10 Wilko Wanderers 1. Second half seen Wilko’s fired up and motivated but Tom Povey just seemed to find the back of the net all too easy. It just goes to show. That extra goal makes all the difference. Final Score Sports Direct Elite 18 Wilko Wanderers 3. Man of the Match Mark Newton.


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