Match Reports for Tuesday14th June

Match report Tuesday 14th June Notice to all teams: We have noticed that some teams are a little un-organised. So here are a few tips: 1. Turn up early at least 15mins before your game. 2. Make sure you have your money collected before kick off 3. Any problems speak to the Referee early or […]

Match Reports for Monday 13th June

Match report Monday 13th June I just wanted to thank everyone for being so well organised for our Monday League night. Having your money ready and turning up early for your game really helps. Bayern Neverlusen V Gillies Willies Bayern turned up with real enthusiasm to play, while Gillies after a week without playing were […]

Match report Tuesday 7th June

Match report 7th June Thanks to everyone for turning up on time, please keep it up, if you are struggling to get your team or if you are going to miss a match. LET US KNOW! Also feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions, suggestions, statistics or if you […]

Match report Monday 6th June

Match report 6th June Thanks to everyone and please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions, suggestions, statistics or if you spot a mistake. Adsa A’s V Wilko Wanderers Great game and lots of goals. Asda A’s seemed determined to climb the league table tonight and Wilko’s needed to […]

Match report 30th May

Before you look at your match reports, I would just like to say a few words to all teams. I just wanted to thank everyone for all their efforts in turning up and making the league as good as it is. We have recently had to remove two teams from the league for poor attendance […]

Match report 23rd May

Wilko Wanderers v Whitby Warriors This week Wilko Wanderers needed to break their run of recent defeats and the team were fired up for the game. Unfortunately for Wilko’s so were the Warriors and they were hell bent on staying high on the league table. The first half was well played with the half time […]

Match Report 16th May

Asda A’s v Nothing Toulouse Asda A’s and Nothing Toulouse were both committed to winning this game to advance their places in the league table. At half time it was Asda A’s 2 Nothing Toulouse 2. Only one goal in the second half from Nothing Toulouse separated these two teams. A well fought, well played […]

Match Report 9th May

Gillies Willies V Asda A’s Gillies Willies had their chance to show us what they are made of this week. The first half seen Asda A’s and Gillies hard at it with some good teamwork and individual skill. Ther was nothing in it at half time with Gillies Willies 2 & Asda A’s 3. The […]

Match Reports for Mon 2nd

The opening night of the League was a resounding success. We had great weather all be it a tad chilly. But all the teams seemed to be in good spirit and revelled in the spirit of the game. See individual match news for the team and match write up. Thanks to everyone who took part […]

League Application Form “Download”

The link below allows you to dowload our League application form. Please read the form and sign to confirm you agree to the rules andregulations and our terms and conditions. You can always return the form via email to alternatively call Tony or Kevin for further information. Tony 07809 724 240 Kevin 07815 577 […]